The New Green

How One Designer Redefines Green as Love & Serenity

by Snacky Mild

For designer Georgette Westerman, The Charity Design Project at Beit T’Shuvah transcended her to a simpler time, when giving her Barbie Dolls a beautiful home was the pinnacle of a Saturday afternoon.  It’s amazing to see what an artist can do when the confinements of a paying client and outside influence are removed, and the artist is allowed to return to that base emotion of her love to create.

Georgette in her element!

Artistic inclinations and the need to create always seemed to emanate from Georgette as a child. “I was always drawing and doodling as a kid,” Georgette replied when asked about her first artistic expressions.  “I was too busy decorating Barbie’s Dream house to worry about her flirting with Ken next door.”  Not until after some unfulfilling attempts at 9-5 office work did she decide to go back to school at FIDM in Los Angeles to pursue her passion for design.  After graduating FIDM in 2005, Georgette found clients in some of her parent’s friends; from there she was able to build her own design company and create a fulfilling career in the design industry.

Watching Georgette paint feverishly at the bare white walls in this hollowed out skeleton of a room, I could easily see that she was happy to be part of a campaign that was giving back so much to people in need.  All Georgette knew of the clients she was designing the room for was that they would always be male and always in recovery.  The idea of creating a space based purely on function and not the specific tastes of a client was a refreshing process for Georgette.  After flipping through magazines and mulling over many ideas for inspiration, Georgette stumbled upon a picture of a bright green throne like chair, set atop lavish white fur carpets in a silver and black highlighted room and had her eureka moment.  “I wanted to create a type of bachelor pad feeling,” she says, “somewhere the guys could come back and feel good.”

The most amazing part of this whole Design Project is how eager and willing these designers are to “give back,” generally speaking, to people they have never met and to a cause they might never be affected by.  When the Beit T’Shuvah Charity Design Project–an idea that  was conceived and executed in a matter of months–is over, the results will help to sustain people’s journeys through recovery life at Beit T’Shuvah for years to come.

It’s ironic to think that green is the color that inspired Georgette in her creative process for this new room.  Green is the color of money, greed, and envy, none of which could be found in the motives that pushed Georgette Westerman’s wildly successful attempt at Tzedakah (charity).  Her selfless act of love, caring, and creativity will remind future residents for years to come that they always have a place at the table.

Design Project team mates Heidi (left) and Rhonda (far right) with Georgette and a surprised, satisfied resident in his new room!
Custom Photos of Hollywood Taken & Donated by friend Lynn Abesera
Georgette’s Transformed Bedroom with Green Accents

To see more of Georgi’s creative work, check out her site:

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  1. Beautifully written.

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