My 3 Weeks in Room 100

By Andie Miller
     I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the Design Project for Beit T’Shuvah.  It’s a designer’s dream, designing a room carte blanche.  Ideas and visions were flowing—I wasn’t sure where to start.  I found myself calling on Mark Haloossim, owner of Contempo Flooring.  After going through what was needed, a commercial grade carpet that could withstand a lot of foot traffic, and rifling through carpet choices, Mark said, “I have a rather large remnant from a previous job, would you like to see it?”  That carpet remnant became the inspiration for my room.  The first week of the project was spent clearing out the existing space, wiping the slate clean.   Russell and Lance, 2 amazing Beit T’Shuvah residents, removed out all the old furniture, existing carpet, baseboard, sink ,toilet, and mirror leaving only the shower/bath unit.  Rick Brown, a contractor that I use on all my jobs, and a few of his guys came next.  They floated out the ceiling, replaced and installed a bathroom door and jam, gutted the closet, replaced electrical fixtrures, and began patching and painting the walls and ceiling.  The following week Rick and Will helped me install a new closet system, bathroom flooring, headboard, and chair rail a new door jam and door for the bathroom, a much needed addition since the existing door swung outward into the entry hallway making it impossible to enter the room if the door of the bathroom was open.  Crown and base molding in the main room followed, along with installing the new bathroom fixturesJ.  Room 100 was beginning to look like what I had envisioned.
    Now that the room was coming together, I had to think about the furnishings.  The second inspiration I had was by chance.  I was at the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market, looking around, and came upon a beautiful crystal chandelier at Mickey Goldin’s booth. He is a regular vendor selling old and new chandeliers for over 10 years at this flea market.  After telling him what I was doing at Beit T’Shuvah he gave me a huge discount, as he learned it was going to such a good cause.  From that point forward, each piece that I found for the room found me.  Every piece of furnishing was by chance, everything falling into place so smoothly as if some greater force put each furnishing in my path.
    The best part of working on this project was the people. I became closer with people I had known for years and met new people with incredible stories. An inspiring conversation that leaves one feeling fulfilled is the greatest gift anyone could ask for and I found that and so much more working on room 100.
    Although frenetic at times, the atmosphere at Beit T’Shuvah was so incredibly supportive, uplifting and caring, more so than any other place I have ever been to or worked at. One can feel the power of healing by just being amongst the people there.
    For those that live in room 100, know that this room was put together by people who care and believe in you.  I do want to thank Mark Haloossim, Contempo Flooring, for donating such beautiful and durable carpet for my room and the Women’s Lounge along with Rick Brown and Will for donating there countless hours spent helping rebuild the room.  They too are recovering addicts who have been clean for many years that wanted others to know that there is support wherever you may be. Those that reside in room 100, please know we believe you deserve a chance to rebuild your life and that the room is your haven for you to grow.  Lastly, a huge thank you to Craig Miller and Lance Wright, whose tireless help, work, and support will never go unnoticed and always be remembered.

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