2nd Mini Reveal: An Experiment In The Art Of Zen

We’ve hit another milestone in the journey that is Beit T’Shuvah’s Charity Design Project.  This past Sunday, a lot of words got thrown around—words like “thank you,” “I’m so happy,” and “this is amazing” came pouring from the lips of the astonished residents.  But the main word that could be taken from the day was “Zen.”  So many of the designers stated how they “were going for a feeling of Zen and tranquility,” and it’s safe to say they hit the nail on the head.

After weeks of hard work, it was a joyful and somewhat chaotic day.  Hoards of people crowded in Beit T’Shuvah’s hallways, all hoping to get the first glimpse at one of the rooms.  However, Heidi Bendetson and Rhonda Snyder, the two women coordinating the Charity Design Project, kept it all in order.  The most important thing was that the first people inside each room were the designers and the residents.

Below is a small sampling of pictures from the 2nd Charity Design Mini Reveal.


Zen Painting
Zen Graffiti in Room 219
Room 219
The Resident, The Painter, and The Designer
Room 215
The 3 Designers: Anat, Christina, and Debra with a grateful resident
The newly-designed room 215
Room 219
The resident of room 219 sits for a picture with his designer and Heidi and Rhonda
Room 108
The 'Charlie's Angels' Designers of room 108--Shelly, Debra, and Madeline
Room 108 Charity Design
The Tiffany Blue serenity of room 108
Room 211 offers a little piece of paradise.

For all of the photos from Sunday’s event, please visit Beit T’Shuvah’s Flickr page, and for before photos of all the rooms please visit the Designed From The Heart Facebook page.

Tell us what you thought about the rooms in the comments below.

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