The Redemption Chronicles

It’s that time again.  This week’s theme is hobbies/activities.  Doing things I enjoy is great for my recovery. It gets me out of my head and away from focusing on my constantly racing thoughts.  For me, it’s taking photographs.  For you it might be reading, or writing, or playing sports.  Think about it.  What do you really enjoy doing?  Now go do it!  You’re worth it.

PS.  Comments and feedback are HIGHLY encouraged.  Not only does it help me out, but I do take my readers into consideration when I write my blogs so the more feedback i get, the more enjoyable they will be for you!  Thanks!  And thanks again for all of the comments so far!


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1 thought on “The Redemption Chronicles

  1. My daily challenge is Rabbinic School. There is almost NEVER a sense of “done”, for each day I find there is always something more to do, something more to study, another book to read, or another text to absorb. It easily could soak up my time from dawn until well after the sun goes down. My hobby of bike – riding and/or spinning classes gives me some break from the grind and let’s me put my mind in ‘idle’ and catch my breath again, so I can focus again. Erin says, “Now go do it! You’re worth it.” and I could not agree more. That time we take for our own hobby or space is vital for our mental health and well being….

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