The Redemption Chronicles


Welcome back fellow residents.  This is post number two of the Redemption Chronicles.  The theme this week is reflections.

Reflect on your past.

What kind of person did you used to be?

Have you grown spiritually since being at Beit T’Shuvah?

Reflect on your present.

How do you see the kind of person you are today?

Until next time- photoblogger E-Pad!

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4 thoughts on “The Redemption Chronicles

  1. When I reflect on the past and some of us have more ‘past’ and ‘history’ then others, it always hits me how differently I saw myself, as compared to how others saw me. How many times did I overstate a fault of mine or fail to see or to minimize the virtue others saw in me?

  2. I believe the disease is still out there doing push up’s and if the emptiness comes back and I relapse it will only come back worse. My defects of Character or short comings arise as the result of indulgence into excess of anything drinking too much becomes alcoholism, loving to much becomes control, eating to much become gluttony, yes even too much exercise can cause injury. I find myself when I trust G-d and know when his love fills my hole then I can love all his beautiful creations in their most beautiful and ever changing state of existence. Without my past to reflect upon I could never have made it to this wonderful day. G-d brought me here to do something wonderful and leave this world better than I found it much in the same way G-d has me in place much better than when he found me. With Gratitude and Love in recovery.

  3. I am loving these Redemption Chronicles! Sometimes it’s nice to simply take in a beautiful, thought-provoking image. It’s also nice to read wonderful copy, but I welcome simplicity as well. Thank you EPad- i look forward to the Chronicles unfolding!

  4. Thank you guys so much for your wonderful comments. It’s very nice to see people reading and responding to my blogs. Your participation gives me great input and confidence for my future posts. Thanks again!

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