A Message from Rabbi Mark on Kol Nidre

Dear Everyone,

As we embark on finishing our journey that we started last week on Rosh HaShanah into the new year of 5772, I wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Tonight we sing the Kol Nidre Prayer, yet do we let go of the resentments towards others for not fulfilling their vows?

Tonight we sing the Sh’ma Koleinu Prayer, asking God to hear our voices, yet do we hear the voices inside of us and those of others calling to us?

Tonight we acknowledge our “missing the marks” and ask for forgiveness, yet do we ask for and give forgiveness to others and ourselves?

Beginning tonight and lasting through tomorrow we are able to look at ourselves and our relationships with others, yet will we remember to do the same on Sunday?

Tomorrow we will pray and be together as family and friends and community for a whole day, yet will we continue this practice throughout the year?

Tonight and Tomorrow you will have an opportunity to sign our yearly Ketuba, yet will it make a difference in how you live in the coming year?

This Yom Kippur, I beg of you to make it matter to yourself! Let yourself be immersed in the day so you change not your attitude, but your actions. Let yourself be immersed in the day so that you no longer try and fit in, YOU BELONG! Let yourself be immersed in the day so that you enter the Gates of Forgiveness, Compassion, Kindness, Love, Truth and Life and bring others, your loved and unloved ones, with you.

G’Mar Hatima Tova, May you be sealed in the book of Life

Have an easy fast and a GREAT YEAR,

Rabbi Mark

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