TGIF? Maybe We Should Thank God on Mondays as Well as Fridays

TGIM: Thank God It’s Monday!

By M. Alexander

Growing up, I hated Mondays.  I hated school. I hated the days I had to go to school, come home and do homework, go to bed early so that I could wake up the next morning for a new day of monotony.  All week, I looked forward to the weekend—a time with no responsibility, a time to watch television, a time to do nothing.

Later in life, when I was using heroin, all days were the same.  It did not matter whether it was Saturday or Monday.  If I had dope, it was a good day.  If I didn’t, it was a bad day.

My perception of each day’s merits changed yet again when I first got to Beit T’Shuvah. I began to dread the weekend.  Nobody was here.  They were with their girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives, at the beach or in the mountains.  Monday would come and I would again be occupied by groups and comforted by friends.

Now that I have a job and a girlfriend, I again look forward to the weekend.  I get to unwind from my job. I get to read. I get to watch movies. I get to relax.

There is nothing wrong with looking forward to the weekend.  But why do I now dread Mondays and dislike Tuesdays?  Why am I annoyed by Wednesdays and frustrated by Thursdays? Monday never did anything to me. Tuesday never stabbed me in the back.  Wednesday never talked trash to me.  Thursday never slept with my wife.

In order to live a happy, healthy, and productive life, I need to learn to look forward to each day, to find the unique quality present in each hour.  I need to stop escaping to a specific time frame—thinking it will all be better in a few days.   Today is a good day if I make it a good day.

Monday morning, I need to shift my perception, looking forward to the new week as an opportunity for growth, as a chance to add motivation to my purpose and invigorate my passion with a newfound vitality.  Tuesday, I will do the work.  Wednesday, I will make sure that my work is fresh and exciting.  Thursday, I will help another person with something they are struggling with, something that I am in a unique position to help them with.  Friday, I will look at what I’ve done, finish what needs to be finished, and I will TGIF, making sure that three days later, I don’t forget to TGIM.

So I challenge you: How do you make today special?  How do you look forward to the present?

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3 thoughts on “TGIF? Maybe We Should Thank God on Mondays as Well as Fridays

  1. I want to tell you that I am so happy for you to be sober! I ha daughter in her 40’s who is an addict. It used to be crack, heroin, etc. But now is pretty much only pot. She is in and out of incarceration for fighting and drug charges. At one time she had another charge, one that I won’t go into detail. She has lived a hard life. She was my first child born when I was 17 and unmarried. I lost her to adoption, but located her in 2006. I have spoken to her for very short periods of time and she says she felt as if I as her birth-mother had thrown her away, which was not the case. It was a forced adoption. Later in life, I drank a lot. More than normal, yet I could go without it. Not sure if I was a true alcoholic, but with medications I have now for my heart, etc., I can’t and don’t drink at all.

    If you would pray that my daughter gains sobriety, it would be such a wonderful mitzvah. I live in another state far from her and with her in jail as I write this, I cannot have contact. I wish I could move there or move her to here and get her into rehab. Real rehab where she would have to answer for her actions.

    What did you do to get sober?

    Admiring your stamina and determination,

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