Meaning Above Logic

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By Rabbi Mark Borovitz

Recovery is the experience where we hear the word of God/Truth in order to regain our passion and purpose of life. I take this idea from the words of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel in his description of the Sabbath in his book God in Search of Man. Rabbi Heschel was talking about the Israelites leaving a great civilization, Egypt, to wander in the wilderness so they could hear the word of God.

This brought up many thoughts for me. The first and strongest was what stops me from doing more of the things that God/Truth has already taught me! I find that I keep returning to the “Great Civilization” (I call the rational mind) that we are living in and following those teachings rather than the Truth that I have learned.

What is the reason for this disconnect? I just realized that the reason is I get afraid of the wilderness. I get afraid to continue on without the scientific validity that civilization gives me. I forget that there is meaning above human logic. I forget my commitment to Truth, God and my fellows.

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2 thoughts on “Meaning Above Logic

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I know you were writing of your own experience, but my experience is much the same. It’s a safe feeling. The feeling of knowing that there is at least one other person out there that can get caught up in the same fears that I do. Time to pray and bust out an honest 7th step. Love and recovery to all.

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