Project Chai Five

We’re really excited to announce our new Chai Five Project! Our goal is to raise $1,800 for Beit T’Shuvah by September 1st in order to put one resident through school for a year. Chai is the Hebrew word for life, and that’s exactly what our goal is—to give a resident the opportunity to better their life!

Chai is the Hebrew word for life. In Judaism, this word is said to have very deep & mystical powers, as does it’s numerical value, 18, and any multiple thereof.

A Chai Five is a virtual high five. A symbol of celebration, brother & sisterhood, support, and camaraderie. The most basic gesture of recognition for doing something good. But not just any high five, a Chai Five for life!

Put your hands together and Chai Five!

Our goal here is two-fold. The first- quite obviously- we need your dough (duh!). The second though, may be less obvious.  We want to celebrate your giving. This isn’t just another dollar in the bucket. This is a virtual, social experience, patting each other’s virtual tushes, slapping each other virtual Chai Five, all to help out our friends and loved ones whose hands are tied.

And we’re not asking for much. If 360 of you took a moment to donate $5 RIGHT NOW, we’d pretty much hit our goal. And in the spirit of giving, when you donate to The Chai Five! Project, we’ll send you our very own Beit T’shuvah ‘YOU MATTER’ wristband. Because isn’t that the bottom line? YOU DO MATTER, and so does your donation.

Don’t be shy. Share the love! Send Chai Five’s to all your friends by tagging them in your donation.

So, everybody hands in… Chai Five!

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