On Inspiration

By Alice Kofman

People from all walks of life feel inspiration, an emotional eruption of creativity. Most of us have felt it throughout our lives at one point or another; it is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  I used to feel inspired to create, to paint, to journal.  But for the last few years, I have been wrestling with a personal profound lack of inspiration.  No matter what I tried to do, I just couldn’t shake of this sense of feeling completely uncreative, a serious problem for a person who generally considers herself a creative individual.

So, when Ben asked me to write a blog for BTS Communications, my natural response was that I couldn’t do it because, at the moment, I had the creativity of a doorknob. There was no way out of writing it.  As I sat there thinking what I could possibly write about, I decided to start off with some research.  A chance encounter led me to find a see-through doorknob, a creative solution for knowing what is on the other side of the door before opening it.

A little doorknob shed light on the idea that inspiration is not about a specific situation or certain objects, but rather the way that we look at our everyday world.  It is about actively finding what is special and unique in everyday objects and moments.  We must actively look for inspiration so that we may encounter it along our daily path.

Realizing this was my moment of inspiration. It showed that even something as common and mundane as a doorknob might be creative and inspirational.  Maybe my problem wasn’t a lack of inspiration, but instead my failure to see it around me.  Inspiration may be found in anything; we just have to open our eyes to the possibilities.

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