James Franco: Was He High and Why Do You Care?

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By M. Alexander

So I am reading some blogs about Sunday night’s Oscars and I see widespread gossip that James Franco was loaded.  Aren’t there enough people in Hollywood that are in rehab, in recovery, or currently drinking themselves into oblivion that we do not have to spread lashon hara about somebody else?  Maybe he was just a bad host.  Maybe he thought that his cool, calm demeanor would get him more “James Dean-esque” movie roles.  Maybe he was embarrassed by Anne Hathaway’s cross-dressing Les Miserables rendition of “On My Own”.  Maybe he wanted to look high because the younger, “hipper” viewers remember him in Pineapple Express, not Milk or 127 Hours.  Maybe that is just the way he is.

On the other hand, maybe he was loaded; maybe he was smoking crack backstage with Charlie Sheen’s hookers, had just stolen from a jewelry store, or had just been in a hotel room on Sunset shooting dope.  But the point is that we, the viewers, have no idea.  Why must we guess?  Why must we prod and poke?  Why must we believe that another person has this awful disease of addiction?  Did Charlie Sheen not say anything funny yesterday?  Did Lindsay Lohan not send a floral amends to a jewelry store? Did nobody shoot their wife?  Find something else to speculate about…or give him a drug test if it really makes any difference to you.

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4 thoughts on “James Franco: Was He High and Why Do You Care?

  1. I love this blog Michael. I think it’s very unnecessary for us to spread, as you say, lashon hara about anybody else. There is a reason this is classified as hate speech.

  2. So what you are saying, at the end of your rant – that it’s okay to laugh at some people with mental and drug problems (What Charlie Sheen has been spewing and his behavior and Lindsy Lohan and her well known antics due to her drug use……..and I”m sure other issue she has,……………….which, by the way I don’t find either one appropriate to laugh at. They both have serious problems) but to suspect that James Franco might have been using drugs that night is completely forbidden? What gives him a golden ticket, a free pass from public speculation? Personally it never crossed my mind that he was loaded – he was just very bad and performed the job he was hired to do way below par. You can read all the blogs you want and get hundred of different opinions – but then to take some of those opinions and continue to spread them is irresponsible and makes you no better than the people gossiping bout it. You are adding fuel to the fire. Why not start posting that Anne Hatheway was on some kind of speed or other drug due to her over the top almost manic behavior………………??

  3. Well, I think it is absolutely incredulous to a lot of us that anyone given that incredible chance to shine would sabotage themselves by either acting bored, too cool for school, or be stoned. There has been a lot of very bad behavior by actors/actresses/performers and/or just “make it” in our chosen fields, and it’s sad because so many young people think it is cool. I saw a lot of “man on the street” interviews on Charlie Sheen and a disturbing number of them had a sort of “go Charlie” attitude. I think there is a lesson here if we stop to take a good look at it. How many of us think our lives would be just perfect if we were movie stars, rock stars, or had so much money we never had to worry about it again? How many of us dream of winning the lottery? How many lottery winners end up happily? The lesson is that so many of these public persons would seem to have it all, money, power, fame. Yet, it does not “fix” them. In fact a very good argument could be made that it often works to their detriment. You hear all the time about it being a “inside job.” Well, here’s the proof. Not to say, mind you, that I think having lots of money is a bad thing. I wish I had more of it. But I am not so silly as to believe it would solve all my problems. I just wish I had more of it so I could do more things to make this a better world. I would love to have so much money that I could do full time what those people do on the show Secret Millionaire do, going around to people in need, programs that help others and secretly donate. Now that’s the kind of high I’m talkin’ about!

  4. Ben—Thank you. I don’t know if this gossip is hate speech, but it certainly should be minimized.

    Cynthia–Maybe you are right. Maybe I am continuing to talk about it and this is only making things worse. But I do not think that comments such as “he must have been loaded” should go without a response. In a free-market of ideas hopefully the truth will rise to the top. But nowhere did I say that it’s okay to laugh at people with drug problems. If you look at my previous blog, I wrote that I identify with Charlie Sheen and do not demonize him.

    April–I hope that if I ever become rich or famous, I can use it to heal the world. For now, I have to balance my limited resources to try to help others, butalso try to have fun at the same time.

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