Charlie Sheen Is So Much Like Me

Charlie Sheen in March 2009
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By M. Alexander

Charlie Sheen is so much like me (aside from the multi-million dollar contracts, the yacht, and the successful film and television career)…well, he’s so much like the addict part of me, the part that still lives and breathes as I read Sheen’s recent statements. It is like watching a disturbing, yet hilarious video of me—circa 2010.

He does not think he has a disease. He said he cured alcoholism “with [his] brain, with [his] mind.”

I can’t cure addiction with my brain, with my heart, or with my community. I need all of the above…and it still is not enough to cure me, but I can be helped. Charlie Sheen, if you can bring down drugs and alcohol with the mighty power of your brain, my hat is off to you. I might need to borrow your prefrontal cortex.

He does not have a serious problem; he does not have deep-seated emotional issues he is trying to suppress. He says the reason for his partying is “boredom.” Hey dude, I was bored, I thought the entire world was a pretty boring place. It’s because I had withdrawn from the world. I became a boring creature, hibernating until my connection told me to come through. Then, I would crawl back to my cave. It was not the world that was boring; it was the world I made for myself.

He is not harming anyone else. Wait a second homie, what about the 250 members of the cast and crew that are out of work because the final four episodes of Two and a Half Men have been canceled? Oh yeah, you think that you work with “fools and trolls and people with loser lives.” So you aren’t harming people, just trolls. Maybe this is all a game, maybe you don’t care about the effect you have on other people….I sure didn’t. My parents and my friends would get by without me. I wasn’t hurting them; I wasn’t even really hurting myself.

I am not like you anymore, Charlie Sheen—because now I care, I care how my actions affect people around me. Hopefully, I never sink back to your level and hopefully you can rise up and meet me on mine.

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5 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen Is So Much Like Me

  1. Charlie’s rants should be required listening for anyone struggling with the concept of denial–hearing these would clear up any confusion about the role denial plays in the disease. It is a heartbreaking train-wreck, but mesmerizing…here’s hoping that he gets the help that he needs, however it sounds like he is not ready to accept any help except the help provided by his own mighty mind. Sigh.

    1. Thanks for your reply, Leah. I completely agree with you on everything you just said, however I also think it’s possible that he is going through the steps–denial, unfortunately, is the first.

  2. One resident of Beit Tshuvah told a group of us that it takes 4 months of residential treatment to admit you really have a problem, and another 2 months to get it somewhat under control to where you are not fighting the treatment. How many days did Charlie Sheen spend in rehab over night?

  3. While I have no sympathy for Mr. Sheen, I do have empathy for what he is going through. Sympathy is reserved for those who can’t identify and or relate. I missed the first eight years of my marriage and the first three years of my daughter’s life all the while “not hurting anyone else”. It’s funny how easily I used to forget the incomprehensible demoralization of a week or even a month ago; and today how easily I remember it as if three years ago happened yesterday. There is a ton of gratitude in that irony.

  4. Linda—I am not sure how long it takes for a person to heal. I believe that it is individual, but more time doesn’t seem to hurt.

    Will–It’s amazing how relative time can be. Remember the good, forget the bad…sometimes it’s the other way around.

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