To the Governor of Alabama: Show Some Respect


“In today’s Los Angeles Times there is a story about the new Governor of
Alabama saying that anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ as their
personal savior is not a brother or sister of his. I find this repulsive,
both as a Rabbi and an American. What happened to the first Amendment? The
Republicans speak about this amendment a great deal. What happened to the
country and party that abolished slavery?

“I have a tongue in cheek reply to the Governor of Alabama. As Jews, we
believe that Adonai is our God and Savior. Since Jesus is the son of Adonai,
the Governor is correct.  Jews are not his brothers and sisters; we are his
Aunts and Uncles. Maybe he should show some proper respect to his elders!”

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7 thoughts on “To the Governor of Alabama: Show Some Respect


  2. Right on, Rabbi!

  3. Pefectly said Rabbi…. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rabbi i usually agree with what you say however in this respect i think you are absolutely in the wrong to completely generalize republicans like that because of some moron who is obviously a loon. As beit t shuvah always says “individual programs” republicans are individuals as well. Please keep that in mind

  5. Elon, what generalization are you referring to exactly? The only thing the Rabbi mentioned about Republicans was that they speak a lot about the first amendment.

  6. I could not have said it any better myself Rabbi! That was supremely awesome! Keep speaking out….I vote you to my representative for the Jews! 🙂

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