United By Charity

It was 5:30 am, the air was cold and the sun had not made its presence know. In the darkness of the night some of the residents of Beit T’Shuvah packed the big white van headed for Dodger Stadium. Where they going to an early morning baseball game? Defiantly not. However, I think they were going to be part of something far greater.

For the second year in a row Beit T’Shuvah is an official participating charity of the Los Angeles Marathon. As we arrived in the floor level of the stadium parking lot, we were greeted by the other various charities taking part in this year’s LA marathon Charity Awareness Day. Everyone from the blind to mentally challenged, drug addicted to paralyzed, even dogs from the Rover Rescue showed up and though we were all different in our appearances, we were all united by our passion to help better the community and our world.

While different members of our teams ran different legs of the 26-mile course, I realized that this race wasn’t about who wins. The real winners are the people of all different problems and backgrounds that are benefited by the monies raised to support the charities of the event. So in a way we all win.

The most amazing part of the experience for me was to see the residents, some of whom had only been sober for a week, doing something to give back to a community that hey had taken so much from. They have traded in their addictions to participate in an event that helps them just as much as it helps anyone else.

If you want to sponsor or participate in our “Run to Save a Soul 2011,” please contact Nina Haller or Alison Ditlove at (310) 204-5200. Additional information to help this campaign can be found at active.com/donate/beittshuvah on our active giving page.

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