The Transparent Truth

By Jeff Hewitt

Over the coarse of my many years of recovery experience I have witnessed quite a few patterns that have lead up to peoples “relapse or slip”. Usually it’s easy to spot and you can see it coming from a mile away. Most of the time it unfolds like this; little Johnny is in a horrible place and will do anything to get off the drugs that are ruining his life. He finds a program and starts attending 12 step meetings. As a direct result of working a program his life gets significantly better without drugs. His Family has high hopes that this is it! Little Johnny finally got sobriety this time around. Over the months his life gets so good he forgets about the pain and suffering he went through in the months prior to his sobriety. He stops going to meetings and working a program and eventually relapses. No one is surprised because they all saw it coming. His family is in disbelief and their hope in Johnny fades away like a melting ice cube.

Then there are those who appear to be working a great program and are doing everything a good 12 stepper should do. Then suddenly they are on a binder or a wild spree. When these types use or drink again it’s a surprise to everyone and a shame. What went wrong? In my experience it usually their incapability of being honest with themselves or someone else. In my opinion the hardest thing for any addict to do it admit that they need help in sobriety. That is why it is so important to stay transparent. Everyone knows the old phrase, “ You are only as sick as your secrets.”

I think this is why awareness is so important. Sometimes people get so wrapped up in their transparent they are blind to the reality of their situation. My daily reading and program are necessary to my survival and even more importantly helping the new man fresh in recovery. When helping a person new in recovery it not only reminds me of how I was when I came through the door, it also gets me out of my dangerous head because for most addicts an idle mind is the devils workshop.

1 thought on “The Transparent Truth

  1. Very, very well said. And so, so important. So often people think that when the addict agrees to go to rehab the fight is over. Oh so not so. The fight has really just begun. I hope every parent or loved one of an addict/alcoholic in recovery reads this.

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