What is your Miracle?

For me Beit T’Shuvah has been a place of complete transformation. I came into the program with a bag of clothes and a lot of problems, to say the least. My boss John Sullivan showed up at Beit T’Shuvah with a trash bag of clothes and a suspended prison sentence. Now we both have a substantial amount of sobriety, loved ones and great relationships with the great people in our lives. Most important, we have self-esteem and integrity. That is my personal miracle. To me a miracle is something that I accomplished that I never thought was possible.

John and I are just two of the countless Beit T’Shuvah miracles. I would like to hear what your Beit T’Shuvah miracles are so please take your time to write a brief summary of what Beit T’Shuvah has helped you with, or any miracles you have experienced. Thank you.

1 thought on “What is your Miracle?

  1. We began attending shabbat services at Beit T’ Shuvah seven months ago to support our daughter’s treatment. We joined for ourselves. Not only are we experiencing the miracle of our beautiful daughter’s sobriety, growing through the clinical help extended to our family, and enjoy the fellowship of other parents, but we have found our spiritual home.

    My husband and I drive over 25 miles to experience the music, spiriutality and joy of shabbat and inspiration of transitioning souls joyful in their recovery. We are now grateful members of an incredible community.

    I recently returned from three weeks in Florida where I had flown to be at the bedside of a critically ill family member facing life-threatening surgery. It was a lonely and terrifying time.

    Because I was so desperate to be surrounded by the faith and power of my Beit T’ Shuvah community, I had my husband call me from shabbat services. Through our connected cell phones, I was transported to a place of love and faith. You were all unaware of this beam of light transmitted across the miles which became my lifeline.

    On the day of my loved one’s surgery, it was your prayers and songs that ran over and over in my head. I carried with me so many of your words of encouragement before I left for Florida, and the warm and compassionate embrace of Rabbi Mark when I had broken down and cried right before leaving for an unknown outcome. Because of all of you, I believe in miraculous possibilities.

    My beloved family member survived the ordeal of her dramatic surgery and is home, healing, and doing incredibly well.

    I am so grateful to all of you and for sharing yor stories, your inspiration and community.

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