Beit T’Shuvah offers Residential Treatment for Problem Gambling

Beit T’Shuvah has become the pilot program for the Residential Treatment for Problem Gambling from the State Department of Problem Gambling in California. We are also beginning an Intensive Outpatient Program for Problem Gamblers.

Problem Gambling is finally being recognized as a serious problem. Many people think “if I can afford it, it is not a problem”. This is not true. There are many people who may be using Gambling as their escape and because it is legal, it is okay. Please contact Kathy Marks and/or Michael Konheim for more information.

2 thoughts on “Beit T’Shuvah offers Residential Treatment for Problem Gambling

  1. After working with gamblers for over 12 years in a private practice setting, and having no local resources to provide help for those in more severe need, the opening of this program is a huge huge huge milestone and G-dsend. So many times I have had to send a person to a facility in another State (many that closed within a year or two of opening) or worse had to face the painful moment of telling someone that there was no local affordable treatment available to help them. To say that this program is desperately needed would be an understatement. California has been so far behind the curve on providing treatment for gambling addiction that smaller states with far less resources like Oregon and Louisiana were long ago able to open stable and successful programs. Furthermore, that this vitally needed, first in California, program is to be held at a place of healing like BTS…well, it is just better than I could have ever hoped. Congratulations to BTS, UCLA, OPG, and the State of California for getting this program up and running. I am certain that many lives will be returned to a normal way of being because of it.

  2. I have witnessed first hand the effects of problem gambling in my own family. I am proud to be part of a program in partnership with UCLA Gambling Studies Program that can help people recover. Many people caught in the wake of problem gambling have waited too long for acceptance, help and hope. At Beit T’Shuvah we treat the whole person, holistically, to transfer their need to look externally for comfort to developing internal spiritual and emotional self worth.

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