Knock Out Addiction Fight Tonight

Rabbi Mark Borovitz

The Fight is tonight. Tom Arnold and I are fighting for and with all of the people who want to Recover from their addictions and live well. A lot of people have commented on the barbaric nature of this event and I want to address these comments.

Tom and I fight each day against our own addictions and for the recovery of others. We continue to give hope and strength to people who are still desperate and hopeless. Tom and I know the feelings of hopeless desperation. We have both been there and done that. Our match tonight is to let everyone know that there is a way back to life and to wellness.

Beit T’Shuvah has been helping people fight the battle against their addictions and hopelessness for over 24 years. Beit T’Shuvah integrates mind, body and spirit in a holistic and organic approach to recovery and life. While this is a fundraiser, it is also an Awareness Raiser for people.

Tom and I want people who are hopelessly mired in despair and self-doubt that anything is possible when you have community, God and your own Soul fighting together to overcome life’s obstacles.

I want to thank Tom Arnold. He is in a lose/lose situation. He is also a MENSCH!! Tom has never said, “I’m too busy to help”, he has never said “NO, this is not my problem”. Tom is a man who cares so deeply about the humanity of others that he goes to any lengths to help people in need.

I also want to thank Stanley Black for spearheading this event, from the idea to getting the people to come and support what Beit T’Shuvah does. The other Co-Chairs, Jona Goldrich, Warren Breslow and Donald Sterling have helped so much. The committee, Jill Black, Jackie Kallen, Stella DiBibi, Ilana Angel, Drusha Darvish and Roger Simon, our Event Chair,  have done so much to make this evening possible. Our staff here, Barbara Friedman, Ali Ditlove, Rachel Lurie and Nina Haller have done an amazing job putting everything together. I am so grateful to all of them. I am also grateful to Harriet Rossetto, my wife and CEO/Founder of Beit T’Shuvah for guiding all of us to our rightful places in the world.

I also want to thank Sam DeLug for saying Hineni, here I am, when asked to be the Major Sponsor of this event. FlavH2O, Interscope Records, Russell Kern, Stanley Black, Iris and Michael Smith, Max Webb and Steve Hitter and Haim and Cheryl Saban for being our Co-Sponsors. Michael King and his All-American Boxing organization have so graciously provided the Real Boxers for tonight are just an amazing group of people.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for caring about Recovery. You are all helping Beit T’Shuvah continue to help people “Recover their Passion and Discover their Purpose”. God Bless you all, Rabbi Mark Borovitz

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1 thought on “Knock Out Addiction Fight Tonight

  1. OOPS!!! I forgot to thank Andrew Wasser for helping us do this event and taking me to Wildcard Gym and setting me up with Pepper Roach as my trainer and John Sullivan for his AMAZING ADS as well as Jeff Hewitt for their taping of Tom and I on YOUTUBE and updating our Facebook status. I am sorry guys, you all rock big time. Also, thanks to Andrew for reminding me that I forgot you three. Guess I was too excited this am to remember everything and their help has been essential to the success of tonight.

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