Knocking Out Addiction

Knock Out Addiction

By: Jeff Hewitt

I was alone in a harsh world of addiction. It didn’t matter how many people I was around, my addiction put me in a painful limbo. The drug addict limbo is unlike any other. It consists of robbing, lying, cheating and manipulating. You do anything you can to get what you want and destroy anything that gets in your way. That’s  the kicker about drug addiction that many can’t grasp; it’s so powerful that nothing but an act of providence can stop it, or at least that’s my experience.

Before crossing the threshold of the door into Beit T’Shuvah, I had tried many other rehabilitation centers. What was going to be different about this stay in rehab? I would like to say I knew the answer, but really I had no idea. Then after I spent a couple of days in the caring arms of Beit T’Shuvah I found my answer. BTS isn’t like any other rehab.

One morning after Torah study I waited by Rabbi Mark’s office door. When I got my chance, I slipped in to introduce myself. My brother had just graduated the program after spending 16 months there, so the Rabbi already knew my entire family. My whole life I had made broken commitments to other people. I would promise the heaven and stars, but never deliver. When I was meeting with the Rabbi he said to me, “Jeff I’m going to commit to you that I will do everything I can to help you find your passion and purpose in life.” This meant the world to me. I felt like for once in my life, a person really cared about a junkie like me. That night I prayed for the first time in years and I have been sober ever since.

Rabbi Mark’s purpose and passion in life is to help as many souls lost in that limbo of addiction, find the hidden passion and purpose they have and bring it out of them so they can recover, and Beit T’Shuvah is his medium.

When I heard that he would be fighting Tom Arnold I was surprised to say the least, but the more I thought about it, it made perfect sense. The Rabbi’s love for this community and his commitment to it’s survival really became apparent when I met him at Wildcard Boxing gym to take a couple of photos. Not only was he going to do this celebrity boxing event, but he was training at 7 in the morning; sparing, hitting the heavy bag and doing crunches one after another. All this was for charity, his purpose and purpose.

On Wednesday June 16, 2010 the Rabbi will step into the ring to knock out addiction. It doesn’t really matter who wins the match because in reality, we all win. The money raised through the event will go to help the lives of people just like me, who will walk through the same door I did, clueless to their real potential, stuck in the addiction limbo. The help that the event will create could be the life-preserver that a helpless soul needs to get back into the boat of recovery.

2 thoughts on “Knocking Out Addiction

  1. Absolutely beautiful Jeffrey. I will be on a plane when Rabbi and Tom are in the ring but I’ll be cheering and first thing I’ll do when I land is check in to see how it goes! But either way we are all winners in this bout. Thank you Rabbi and Tom for doing this for all of us.

  2. The Harsh Reality of Drug Addiction

    The Harsh Reality of Drug Addiction richardmclaughlin007 — January 18, 2009 — after 11 months of sobriety from drug addiction, in 7 short days this man hits the depths of despair and insanity.

    This video was shot in Vancouvers downtown eastside by the narrator it is quite extreme, It shows how common place and and readily available drugs are and how people can succomb to a extreme physical reaction from lack of sleep, nutrition and dehydration. This video was made for many different reasons, one being educational the other as mentioned earlier it’s common place here in Vancouver, in any other city or town in North America this man would have recieved immediate medical attention but here in Vancouver both the police and ambulance just drive by. If you do not belive me come on down and see our little human circus slash “HARM REDUCTION EXPERIMENT”
    This man was spotted two hours later sleeping on a concrete curb as his pillow.
    Both the narrator and producer of this video have had spent many years struggling with addiction and have spent hard time in Vancouvers “NOTORIOUS” downtown eastside.
    Today they have escaped and are clean and sober and now dedicate there lives to those who still suffer from “THE HARSH REALITY OF ADDICTION”

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