Blog Post from Prison

By: Brad from Federal Prison

For some time, prosecutors and judges in all jurisdictions have studied with how to treat addictive behavior as it relates to aberrant conduct. To a large degree, the judicial system is behind the times in its comprehension of gambling and its effects on criminal behavior. As such, defendants have had minimal success in structuring arguments for leniency in sentencing. What’s more, judges imposing incarceration believe that the symptoms or “triggers” an addicted gambler would face are neutralized by the stated objectives of imprisonment. Simply stated, removing the compulsive gambler from society acts as the agent of recovery.

Sadly, and tragically, this belief is regrettable, for an exact opposite outcome is likely. In the four weeks since I entered Federal Prison, the environment is nothing short of a dramatic challenge for the addicted gambler. On any random evening, there are three big card games, a dominoes game and billiards. As, of course, we have no access to currency, inmates play for points against their opponent, all redeemable at the commissary. Furthermore, while there is AA and NA, no 12-Step program (GA) is available for compulsive gamblers, to say nothing of an absence of psychotherapy.

To be sure, incarceration has its benefits: punishment, protecting society, and teaching discipline – all in the interests of negating repeated criminal behavior. Yet for those who argue “rehabilitation,” they are misinformed at best, naïve at worst.

8 thoughts on “Blog Post from Prison

  1. ashleigh hillstrom March 23, 2010 — 4:11 pm

    I miss you Brad. I hope there will be something done to improve this problem.

  2. Brad, stay strong and keep working your program as best you are able. You have all the love and support of your BTS family with you. The challenge for all of us is to send a clear message that RESTORATIVE JUSTICE WORKS, when properly administered. We all need to be advocates in this regard. Too many talented, precious souls are lost in the abyss of prison.

  3. I want to wish Brad all the strength and courage and to let him know that he is thought of often and greatly missed at Beit T’Shuvah.

    1. Brad,
      You still write so well, just as you wrote the quarterly updates of our investments with you–before you got caught. The monies you stole.
      I suspect you’re playing cards with the best of them in prison. When you pay back the millions of dollars you used to play cards for your own benefit then maybe I’ll feel sorry for you. Enjoy your stay in prison that WE are paying for as well.

  4. Are you kidding me?

    Brad is a life-long scammer who deserves a “true prison experience”

    Keep blogging buddy…8 years is a long time. See you at MickeyDees.

  5. annoyed reader June 1, 2010 — 6:31 pm

    Cry me a river…I guess you will have to figure it out on your own, the way all the people you stole from had to figure out how to pickup the pieces of their lives (that you all but destroyed) and go on…they don’t get help or rehabilitation on how to rebuild their lives or their misguided trust in people. I guess you should do some hard soul searching and stop blaming the judicial system for your lack of ability to fix your own problems

  6. Be careful how you judge others lest you be judged as harshly yourself. Until you walk a day in the shoes of an addict, I respectfully submit that you are unable to fully understand the scope of this disease – and it IS a documented disease, not just some cop-out. I am sorry for everyone’s losses; no one wins where addiction is concerned.

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