Denial is dangerous!

By: Harriet Rossetto

I was relieved to read an article (albeit a small one) in this morning’s N.Y. Times about the boycott of the National Prayer Breakfast by an ethics watchdog group. The story revealed that a covert evangelical group called The Family is the force behind the prayer breakfast. After I read Jeff Sharlits’ book The Family several months ago, I talked of nothing else to anyone who would listen to me. I bought a dozen books and gave them to friends and family. This powerful, secretive, right wing, Christian group is successfully hijacking our elected leaders and using them as collateral to further their power base at home and abroad. It’s an organization that doesn’t exist, which cleverly shields it from scrutiny. But it controls elections and politicians seeking office are afraid of its power. Its agenda is the usual evangelical agenda – anti abortion, anti gay and anti egalitarian. It smacks of master race; its members, soldiers of Jesus, are exempt from moral responsibility by virtue of membership in the army of Jesus. Their Jesus is not the Jesus of the meek and servant of the oppressed. They do not revere the teaching of Jesus is Ruler, conferring upon themselves the Divine Right of Kings. They are free of moral restraint as long as they pay homage and several of their members have been arrested for sexual and ethical violations. These are the guys behind the scenes, funding the tea parties, inciting the rabble to disrupt civil discourse and invigorating Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. They are economically strong among elections in third world nations, assisting right wing dictators in Africa and Latin America. Where is the media when we need them? Why isn’t this part of the 24 hour news cycle? Balloon Boy, Tiger Woods’ sex life or the latest celebrity scandal doesn’t keep me up nights. The Family does. Please Mr. President, pay attention to these people. Denial is dangerous!

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3 thoughts on “Denial is dangerous!

  1. So true, Harriet, and so eloquently put. I am new to your blog so forgive me if I am making a connection you already know about, but this is precisely the kind of thing Rabbi Haim Beliak’s website is also trying to bring to light. The more of us talking about it, the more consciousness we can raise. More power to you–and ultimately to all of us!

  2. I know I keep popping up with my 2cents worth, but you keep popping up with topics that I am passionate about.

    Years ago in the mid ’90’s I was on the District Advisory Committee for the school district in my community. We were working on a project to bring certain values to the students and one of these was tolerance. The Christian Right crowd did not want this taught because they felt a “gay child” should not have to be tolerated by their child since homosexuality was a “sin.” I was so angry I could spit. We argued this viciously. And I mean nasty, vicious arguments. I could not get over how they could call themselves true Christians if they could not “tolerate” their fellow human beings. Do they not see G-d in each of us as Jesus teaches? They tried to populate our school boards so they could gain control and perpetuate their hatred. But we fought valiantly against it and kept a fair representation on the Board of all faiths and ideals. But let me tell you, they are organized even at that level. You all have no idea what it is like to campaign against them. They have no scruples about how they go about gaining control just as we all saw that in the Prop 8 campaign. I think there is nothing more frightening than a religious zealot, no matter what the religion, so many awful horrible atrocities have been committed in the name of all that is holy. We think we will never forget, but we must also keep our eyes open. Wide.

    I originally was under the illusion that since they were so ignorant (I grew up thinking people who were prejudiced were simply uneducated and ignorant) they were harmless, but exactly the opposite is true. It is precisely because of that ignorance they are so dangerous, they follow blindly and with all the passion their leaders easily stir in them.

    Eyes open – Wide.

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